Charted Pathways Book


A Must Have, for the Seasoned Spiritual Practitioner or the Novice Alike, covers all topics needed for Spiritual & Self-Empowerment.

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Charted Pathways is one of the most complete, concise reference books written for the “Conscious Channel” & proves to be a powerful tool for all seeking
Spiritual Enlightenment, Stronger Connections with the Divine & Your own personal Totems & Guides.

Within Charted Pathways you will also find an awesome amount of information on herbs, stones, spirits (how to communicate with & best utilize them in your lives),
Universal Laws & so much more.
God Bless Us All.

Included with this purchase:
1. Book cover file for printing
2. Mystical-Circle-Five-Directions – CHART
3. Conscious Mind Activity – CHART
4. Book in top 4 formats for your convenience
5. Lifetime Downloads with Active Subscription

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