Omni Legion’s Prayer

This is a prayer of Celestial Orders. Any & all Angelics can express & support us, in as many “Orders” as they like. By calling on an Order we renew our innate relationship to Infinite Divine Goodness, creating a shield of Unlimited Potential, (look to my book “Charted Pathways” for more in-depth details on Spirit/Celestial support).

“Omni Legions Prayer”

As the audio dude, this is one of my favorites, enjoy 😉 Blue Cloud


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  1. Blue Cloud 09/05/2016 at 6:29 am - Reply

    I can’t help it, I just LOVE this one, our best so far, it seems to include everything a powerful prayer would. I hope you all enjoy it & please send us a comment on your experience of this awesome prayer, Blue Cloud

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