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This Site’s Missions

We are involved in many projects that improve & enrich lives around the world. The list below is a small sample of our missions for this site & what proceeds from this site will help create, support & finance.

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Blessings to all,

Wind Woman & Blue Cloud

  • To create a platform that allows Wind Woman to share her 30+ years of Spiritual Communications & Teachings, insights & secrets of the Universe & all the laws that govern it. Wind has helped hundreds if not thousands become self-empowered, she can help you too.

  • To Provide Opportunities of Personal/Spiritual Growth, packaged within a Powerful way You Can Help Make a Difference in Global Consciousness & Healing Our World, Through Focus, Mastering Energies, Consistent Application of Universal Law & other Techniques.

  • To use proceeds from all sources, to support/finance all current & future benevolent endeavors, Example: Programs to benefit veterans, homelessness, skills training, etc. Along with creating & supporting programs that enrich the lives of our “Subscribers” as we learn of the needs, so please grace us with your thoughts on this.

  • But most of all, we want everyone to live a strong healthy life, focused on higher thought,,, attracting goodness & blessings by the energies we emanate,,, contributing to the healing of our world, by simply raising our thoughts & actions. As we focus, so we manifest, let’s use the power of numbers & rise up against the hate & fear mongers.

When you live by laws, you find a set outcome to each, depending on which side you are on, it’s absolute, you can count on it. So, why not learn (or remember) these spiritual laws & how to apply them?

If you understand what I just said, please subscribe to our site & grow with us each day, blessings

Wind Woman & Blue Cloud