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Open Chat Room

Thank you for joining our 24/7 “Open Chat Room”, registered users invited to join into conversation with each other & Subscribers hanging out, with surprise visits from Wind Woman.

Enjoy this short clip from Wind “Thought Shield”

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This room is for registered users & subscribers to share perspectives and/or leave questions for Wind.

You are welcome to subscribe with this site to access Wind’s treasured Audio Archive, a wealth of knowledge on the Spirit Realms, inner growth, spiritual awareness & so very much more.

Subscribe When You Can.

As soon as the chats are on, you will see a bouncing blue chat icon appear in the lower Left corner. This blue icon will stay live from this point on, letting you know how many visitors are in the chats. Hover-over the Chats tab (to the left), then click on the room you want to visit.

Blessings to all, Blue Cloud

As Always, if you have trouble let me know & I’ll get at it ASAP.