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Subscribers Special Podcasts

Your Questions will open doors to unlimited perspectives, insights, awareness, wisdom, spiritual empowerment & all Universal Law.

As you listen to these amazing podcasts filled with pearls of wisdom, jot down any questions that pop into your mind & ask them in each podcasts comment box placed there for this reason.

Wind Woman will go through all questions submitted & record her responses to the most perplexing & post them here for all to benefit.
In time, becoming priceless collections of Spiritual Podcasts from the best there is, answering exactly what YOU want
Deeper Understandings of in order to live Spiritually Focused, Opening Yourself to Blessings.

Ask your questions, lets get her tuned-in on YOUR topics of interest,,, this will be fun!

Brief list of current “Special Podcasts” Available to Subscribers:
  • How to work with your team
  • How to Build rapport with your team
  • How to use toning effectively
  • How to Meditate Vs Pray
  • How to create ceremonies of praise & command
  • How to cook with spirit
  • How to use crystals, colors, aroma-therapy, numerology, planetary influences, etc
  • And of course responding to all the perplexing questions you send in, recorded & published for all to benefit from, after all we are all human & we share many of the same problems, concerns & issues, we can all benefit from each others questions.

Please enjoy Wind’s Podcast “Giving You Options”

Not all Spirits are loving & kind, sometimes even getting totally out of hand & forceful. Wind Woman & Blue Cloud, have done many exorcism ceremonies together & can help your situation if you have unwanted visitors shall we say, simply contact us with details & we will contact you shortly there after.

Thank you for giving your support,

Blessings to All.

Wind Woman & Blue Cloud