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Spirit Series

As a conscious channel Wind Woman’s daily life is in a natural state of spirit communication, either in counsel for someone or speaking to a spider sitting on her sink about upcoming weather conditions, or talking to any member of her Universal team concerning Global situations.

Wind Woman has devoted her life to serving the Divine through Spirit & holds a place of honor, recognition & respect in the spirit realm/s as an instrument of goodness, an instrument to close the gap between spirit & human understanding. Her accuracy rate is very high & anyone who knows her, knows if she goes to spirit for counsel on their behalf, she’ll come back with the best solution for their higher good.

But this membership site isn’t about Wind Woman, it’s really about her far reaching Universal Spirit Team & the messages they want to share with all children of this Universe, especially during these times of uncertainty & Global struggle. We as a people, need to influence higher consciousness if we are to not only survive, but thrive.

So, this is where the “Spirit Series”  Archive will be stored for your 24/7 access.