Prayers & Affirmations 02 2017-01-24T00:35:50-07:00

Prayers & Affirmations, 02

In keeping with a user friendly site, we try not to make our pages to long, so we divide our audio files onto several pages in some cases so each page stays within a reasonable length for you to navigate. Please watch the navigation tabs carefully so you don’t miss pages that pop up. 😉


1. Bless All Consciousness

2. Bless me to be blessed

3. Bless my capacity to be blessed

4. Cleanse all Consciousness

5. Consciousness of Propitious Circumstances

6. Grace of God

7. Infinite Goodness

8. Creative Principles

9. In the Shield

10. In the light

11. Lift me up

12. Light being

13. Lords Prayer

14. Miracles Prayer for Me

15. Miracles Prayer for Us

16. Omni 23rd Psalm

17. Yours is the Glory


More will be added soon, 🙂