Wind’s Prayers & Affirmations 2017-01-24T00:34:46-07:00

Prayers & Affirmations, 01

Welcome, this is a powerful area where you can quickly connect with Universal energies & messages of Divine love and embrace. Sit back, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths & click the prayer/s or affirmations of your choice.


1. Omni Legions Prayer

2. Thank You Mother Father Prayer

3. Sacred Miracles Prayer

4. Thank Thee Prayer

5. Our Father Who Art Prayer

6. Omni Potence Prayer

7. Omni Lord’s Prayer

8. Omni Consciousness Prayer

9. Miracles Prayer (Light of God)

10. Miracle of Miracles Prayer

11. Lord is My Shepard Prayer

12. Consciousness Prayer

13. Commands

14. Praise the Christ


1. I Am this Oneness they call God Affirmation

2. Thy Will be Done

3. I Am’s – Commands

4. I See Myself, Whole & Perfect

5. God’s Will be Done Affirmation

6. I Praise the Christ in me Affirmation

7. In Truth There is Only God Affirmation

8. This is a track produced by Crazy Coyote Productions, (our production company) in 2004 while experimenting with the Shruti Box, a very interesting instrument. It is rather long but has a great meditative effect if you would like to relax & go inward for a bit.