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Audio Archive

Please hover over the “Audio Archive” tab to display a list of archive categories so that you may choose where you would like to visit today.

Some of these audio files are recent & some are from classes, workshops, spiritual events of years past. Anything Wind Woman feels you could benefit from is here for your easy 24/7 access.

We deeply hope you enjoy your visit within this collection, most of all, we hope you HEAR the messages meant for you, that you may strengthen connections with your team, the Divine & your position in the Universe as a Beloved Child, an instrument of goodness.

As with anything, take what is yours & leave the rest. Each of you have treasures of great knowings awaiting you inside each recording.

While listening to Winds prayers, meditations, songs etc. you will want to do your best to relax, close your eyes, take a few slow deep breathes, in your nose, out your mouth. Once you feel more relaxed click on what ever your need in the moment, the insights within this archive can truly change your life when received in a true spiritual connection with your inner self & spirit team waiting to help you.

God Bless us All, Everyone.

Omni Consciousness Prayer from Wind