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Wind Woman

Wind Woman, Born of the Cree Nation on the Pala Reservation in Southern California, is a Multicultural, Para-normal born with vision & raised to embrace Universal concepts of both the Intellectualized & the “Natural Worlds of Spirit”.


  • Basket-keeper
  • Way-shower
  • Minister, “Church of Tzaddi” (119th Psalm, 18th letter of Hebrew alphabet)
  • Director/Instructor of “Mystical Arts Institute”
  • Para-normal Life Skills & Business Consultant
  • Herbalist
  • Author
  • Spiritual Activist
  • Public Speaker
  • Founder/Director of “Organic Green Colorado” creating & teaching others to develop “Natural Sustainable Habitats”

Please enjoy this Podcast from Wind

In Private Consultations Wind offers the following specialties & others upon request:

  • Sacred Solutions
  • Divine Law
  • Karmic Healing’s
  • Personalized Rituals, Prayers & Affirmations
  • Renewed Spiritual Memory
  • Angels
  • Spirits & their Realms
  • Exorcisms (address is all that’s needed)
  • Spiritual Cleansing & Renewal
  • Mysticism, Metaphysical & Spiritual Law
  • All around Inspiration

Wind Woman Shares a “Spirit Song” she uses in ceremonies giving praise to “Spirit”

Wind Woman is looking forward to her life of sharing insights & wisdom with subscribers on her site’s.

Those meant for a higher Destiny through deeper understandings of Universal Law & how to apply them in real life.