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Summary of Subscriber Benefits

Angelic Blessings

Wind Woman sits in counsel & prayer each day maintaining her bond of respect & authority in spirit realms. Each Subscriber is,,,

Automatically Added

To Wind’s Prayer Sessions, where they are Recognized, Honored & Blessed as “Spirit Helpers” by Angelic’s for their Participation

Chat Rooms

We offer 2 Chat Rooms, Open Chat for Registered Users & Subscribers Only Chat, Ask Perplexing Universal Questions, or add Your Own Perspectives.

Available Rooms:

Open Chat Room

Subscribers Chat Room

Audio Archive

Stress relieving Meditations, Instructional recordings, Powerful Prayers & Affirmations packed with Omnific words to Empower Yourself,

Listening to

& Practicing these Songs & Omnific Words each day, in Ceremonies, Affirmations & Prayers, will strengthen connections & create deeper understandings.

Special Podcasts

Wind publishes Special Podcasts Exclusively for Subscribers, of Instructional, Intriguing & Empowering topics like,,,

How to Use

Crystals, “Healing with Herbs”, Creating Effective Ceremonies, Bonding with Your Team, Fun Stories, Songs & Meditations.

Sharing Perspectives

All active Subscribers have the opportunity to share their own Spiritual thoughts for,,,

Creating Diversity

In our Spiritual journey’s together, for we all have special gifts & perspectives from your own experiences in life & with spirit to share.

Spirit Shop

Registered users 30%, Subscribers 40% Discounts on all Stress Reducing Meditations & Insightful books to Guide Your,,,

Spiritual & Self

Empowerment, connecting with You’re Inner Truths, Spirit Team & Animal Totems,,, Remembering the Spiritual Being within.

As we grow in support, we naturally will offer more opportunities & features to enrich & empower you’re lives. One of the most exciting features we look forward to, is providing avenues of direct communications with Wind Woman in live audio chats & other mediums so everyone can ask those perplexing questions, trust me, she’ll answer them with complete clarity, she’s amazing & very real.

Our path goes beyond religion’s perspectives,,, into Soul, Science, Individual Empowerment Consciousness, Karma & all types of “Spirit Influence” & “Paranormal” interaction, in other words a True Shamanistic Spirituality, not an Intellectualized version from a book.

Remember You are Loved & Supported, Always.

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