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Blue Cloud

Born in Whitefish Montana, raised by Great Grandparents James & Ida of the Blackfoot Nation, to honor & respect all of Nature & Spirit Realms around us, to stay centered & open to receive universal healing energies & communication, to be passed through you to help others & their lives.

My Grandmother Ida would sit & tell us stories of her younger days with her tribal seniors & their teachings & learned we ALL have helpers/playmates to love & protect us from birth, only difference being the support or belief system around you as you mature & discover this magical World.

Are you encouraged, or are you told your nuts,,, are you told you are just being a silly kid, or encouraged to develop a relationship with your “Spirit Helpers”.

Well, I grew up, I still have my secret friends (helpers), but they no longer have to be secret, I speak with them right out loud just as if I were speaking to you & they LOVE it. Do people around me think I’m nuts, not at all, in fact it is rather common place, thank you beloved’s what would I do without you?

My Role’s in Sharing Wind Woman’s Life’s Work
  • Web Site Design & Operations (WordPress & others)

  • Graphic design (Photoshop & others)

  • Audio editing, mixing & production (Pro-Tools by Digi-Design)

  • Desk-top publishing for all books (Adobe – & others)

  • Product Control

  • Marketing for Operational Expenses & Subscribers Benefits

I am so very honored & blessed to be part of bringing Wind Woman’s work & that of her massive Universal Team to the internet arena.

As always, if you need any help with our sites or product downloads, please let me know, I will fix it pronto.

Many Blessings to you all, Blue Cloud