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About Wind Woman Remedies

We are Dedicated to:
  • Bring all spiritualists & belief systems together in solidarity, finding common ground to Heal our Mother Earth & the Consciousness trying to prevail.
  • Each knowing solidarity to be necessary for not only our survival, but for us to thrive as a people, we must get over ourselves, pull together & get this one done.
  • When we join our forces, we naturally become far more powerful, we can & will create sustainable consciousness & sustainable natural habitats for our beloved animal spirit helpers & totems, here for us to care for, not push aside or kill if they come in our yards.
  • All proceeds from subscriptions & product sales support benevolent endeavors & mission’s, as well as opportunities we offer our subscribers within their pages.

Here are a few upcoming features, as soon as we can:


Perspectives, Sharing over 13 years research & development of natural habitats & thousands of pictures of all transformations

As soon as

this area is ready, It will be an extremely insightful “must have” section, for all wanting to create habitats in their part of our world.

As an herbalist

Wind looks forward to sharing her tried & true remedies of topical gels, medicinal teas, using poultice’s & more.

Wind is a wealth

of knowledge on so many levels & looks forward to sharing everyone of them in time, with all her “Subscribers”.

Quarterly Grants

As we grow, we will begin to award grants exclusively to our active subscribers for a number of lifes situations.

With a focus on

financing programs for distressed children & animals, female veterans, homelessness & development of habitats.

We pray you will subscribe to our site, even for just one month, so you can see for yourself whats behind the Subscription Shield, cancel anytime, but we’d like to encourage you to ask questions no one else can answer for you.

I promise, Wind Woman will help you, shes real, shes connected, shes accurate, here is your chance to be blessed.

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